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Kik anyone - Cock Selfie

Kik anyone

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Little dick57:

Mmmmmmmm nice,,,,,,,, I just about had a orgasm looking at your beautiful cock and balls. I'd love for you to jam that hard, deep and fast down my throat so I could swallow every drop of cum. I would than take both your still pulsating balls into my mouth and suck them and caress them with my tongue. I would lick and kiss all around your balls consatraiting on the area between your balls and honey hole that I occasionally jam my tongue deep into. By this time you would be hard again and ready to fuck me in my ass or shove your pulsating cock deed down my throat until you drown me with your nectar. Afterwards we would both fall asleep with me sucking on you now limp and swollen clock like a pacifier. Please I have my little clock in my hand and it's hard as a rock. Please I want to see more of your clock and balls.

My Cocky:

Nice cock

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